Don’t worry about which massage modality you want to eventually specialize in. Massage schools usually have a set curriculum and you will learn the most popular forms to make yourself marketable to employers and clients. 

If you’re interested looking for a career change, then massage therapy may just be for you. Here are some places where licensed massage therapists work:

5 Career Path Options as a Massage Therapist

While it seems reasonable to find something right out of schooling, it is important to have an idea of your massage therapy options for your career.  Each path varies depending on where you live, what the offerings are, and the pay scale, but listed below is a standard category of career paths you can have as a massage therapist.

1. Wellness Spas. This is a given and may be a luxurious option if you are able to get a job at a spa center.  The massage therapist who selects the spa setting should be able to make the environment as relaxing and peaceful as possible, which is also why you should have experience in both Eastern and Western massage therapy techniques.

2. Rehabilitation-A growing area in the massage therapy setting and in healthcare is in the rehabilitation setting, such as for those who suffered strokes, had knee replacements, and for those going through physical therapy.  Rather than using the money for a physical therapist to “massage” the patient, some companies incorporate massage therapy as part of the healing process.

3. Gyms-Massage therapy is starting to make its way into gyms and clubs around, which is a way for the gym to offer more services to clients and as a way to make the gym luxurious.  This type of massage therapy is most likely going to be geared towards sports massage in addition to deep tissue and Swedish, so make sure to learn as much as you can about those modalities if you want to go down this path.

4. Office Settings- Really, corporate jobs now offer massages?  Yes, and this is great for the client and the massage therapist.  Typically, these settings are quite lucrative, as employees tend to make use of massages as long as the company pays for it.  In return, you provide your clients massages to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, all of which can help to prevent heart disease, cancers, as well as weekly call offs due to illness.  The office setting massage is invaluable to the company and employees so consider this a pretty good and rewarding path.

5. Massage Therapy Clinics. You have seen these clinics all over the city and they are dedicated sites that offer massages and wellness services.  They tend to be the most cost-effective for clients and they are usually a chain company.  If you desire experience, this may be a good path for you to take.

Benefits of Massage Therapy as a Career

  • Work Immediately Out of School- Unlike other professions, many massage therapy clinics hire you after earning your State license.  This is a huge bonus because it can be tough going through schooling to not find a full-time job.  If you want to work, this is a right path for you.
  • Career Flexibility-Massage therapy is designed such that you can easily be your own boss.  With only a little creativity and enthusiasm, you can quickly set your own hours and make your career just how you want.
  • Helping Others-Many clients go into massages with pain or with high stress levels, only to leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  The massage therapist is responsible for this feeling and it is quite rewarding to say the least.
  • Professional Demand-One of the best things of being a massage therapist is that the profession is in high demand.  With more and more sports injuries, illnesses, and more people switching to holistic wellness, the demand of massage therapy is expected to rise.
  • Expand your Skills and Career. Massage therapy is great in that you can gain your base knowledge in school and follow that up in your career with continuing education.  Many continuing education programs offer classes and seminars geared at new methods and techniques to improve the experience for your clients.

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